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" I haven't had a pork chop in years, but now I can eat the smothered turkey chop without worrying about my diabetes." Ms. Addie Lewis                                                         " My mom recommended this place, and she was right, the turkey tips are amazing." Ms. Mary Harper

We know 1 in 3 go hungry , so we've fed over 40,000 people & counting at our weekly Soup Kitchen in partnership with The Love Foundation on Mondays 12-3pm.This helps to end hunger, inspire hope and lower violence. Cooking classes are held Mondays, focusing on healthier options to lower diabetes.

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Dining with us makes a difference in yourself and others. We give 25% of our revenue to help forward programs with our sister organization The Love Foundation. Every time you give , one less person goes hungry, Give.


Our Mission is to develop communities through your appetite by opening great restaurants and serving healthier food where it's needed most, right in your neighborhood. Our Objective is to make Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill a household name, by opening locations in every inner city nationwide.