Quentin Love built his restaurant enterprise around three guiding principles: Betterment of self, betterment of community and healthy living as a key driver of social change. A former U.S. marine who served in Operation Desert Storm.

   Love opened a barbershop and two men's clothing shops before going into the restaurant business. Having grown up in the mean streets of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods and exposed to the effects of addiction in the home as a child, he rose above his circumstances but not above those left behind.

   He founded the Love Foundation in 2001 to create after-school and educational programs to grow young minds. Today, Love is poised to become a leading voice for healthier living in the African American community.

    May 2011 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Quentin Love's Quench Restaurant chain. Eight stores throughout the Chicagoland area and growing, the CEO & Founder doesn't just develop restaurants, he develops communities. With Love's "No Beef, No Pork" concept, he has been able to tap into the restaurant market with a niche that has gained him much notoriety. He's been featured on an impressive list of such media outlets as, ABC's Channel 7 Hungry Hound, Tribune's Chicago Live, and Fox's Channel 12 Next TV series 1 & 2, Chicago Social Men's Book Special Edition, Chicago's Time out Magazine, Chicago Crain's 40 under 40 and numerous others.

   At 38, this media favorite and local celebrity remains humble and down to earth. Born in Chicago's inner city in 1972, he grew up exposed to drugs and addictions in the home. Not allowing that to become his destiny, Quentin is a living example of turning tragedy to treasures and has proven that your circumstances don't make the man, they create him.

   Creating his own destiny, after high school Love went to the Marines to explore the world beyond his neighborhood. In 1992, while serving active duty, an injury in Desert Storm landed him an honorable discharge and back to the streets of Chicago. Wanting to make a way out of no way, Quentin went to barber college. Becoming a professional barber unleashed Love's entrepreneur spirit. At the age of 23, he began opening a series of businesses - two barbershops (Q-Cuts), a men's clothing store (Nero Menswear) and full service beauty salon to service men and women (Completion).

    Mr. Love still not satisfied with the community which he lived and served, Quentin sold his businesses to create a non for profit, the Love Foundation in 2001, to develop the young minds of the community. With the Love Foundation's mission in mind, "Taking back the community one life, one brick, one love at a time," he realized the need to help build sustainable communities. Thus Love's vision of Quench Restaurant was born. This business would not just employ the community but would also provide a healthier food selection, thus improving every man, woman and child's quality of life.

    Quentin's passion for cooking, instilled by his grandmother, started Quench off with him as the chef, five menu items and one employee. Quench Restaurants is the premier no beef, no pork transitional diet, fast casual restaurant whose mission is to develop communities through your appetite by positioning food establishments and systems where they're needed the most; right in your neighborhood! Since 2001, Quench's menu has grown to offer 70 items, employs 40, and serves thousands of satisfied customers. Partnering with various other restaurants, Love created parent company, I Love Food Group, to support, nurture and grow other restaurants with the knowhow of his leadership.

   Quentin continues to be honored for his leadership and success. He recently received a lifetime achievement award for barbering. His next project to date is a community grocery store, which will provide opportunities for other businesses to showcase their products in a market style setting.

    Mr. Love serves as an agent of change. The discipline and experiences gained while serving as an U.S. Marine would serve as the backdrop for so many accomplishments over the past 16 years. All of his business ventures and his overall growth have required a great deal of tenacity and sacrifice of material gain. He encourages people to get to know ones true passion and allow that to help guide ones career decisions and if a person is doing what's right, one will achieve success, peace of mind and wealth.

    He is also an astute man of many talents. Quentin is forever a student of life, in his spare time, he studies martial arts, enjoys reading, painting, playing the saxophone, creating recipes and is a lover of jazz. Quentin Love... Professional Barber, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Restaurateur, and Artist, a man living an unlimited life.