In a land far, far away – alright, it was Chicago – a man named Quentin Love set out to make a difference in his community and create the best turkey burger on the planet. He succeeded with the Jive Turkey Burger and later the Texas Turkey Burger, dressed in turkey bacon, white cheddar and sweet BBQ sauce.

    Love was ready, and opened his first Quench! restaurant in 2001. Hordes came, and word of Quench's succulent turkey burgers spread. Love also created jobs for people in the neighborhood, but more needed to be done. Having much love for the community, Love opened more restaurants, touting a healthier lifestyle along the way.

    Quench! The Experience in 2008 was the first to offer a dining room. It's also where Love unleashed a world of turkey possibilities. Located next to a butcher shop, Love experimented with different cuts of the bird, and played with seasonings. Lo and behold, the turkey chop was born. Some people said they gave up pork chops after that.

    Soon, barbecue turkey tips followed, then the turkey steak. Smothered, plain, or with onions, diners couldn't get enough. What's more, they enjoyed these tips, chops and steaks at a fraction of the fat and calories of meat dishes. Even the dirty rice has turkey in it.

   Well, word spread again – all the way to Atlanta, this time – and Turkey Chop, "The Restaurant," was born. Turkey Chop has been crashing the fast-food party every since.

There's more than turkey at Turkey Chop, it's true.

But it's the turkey that inspired the Love.